Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Success! Practise continues to improve my game...

1/2/12 Wednesday. The 81 gross round on Sunday had several features which contributed to the nett 68. First off hitting eleven fairways set up clear shots at the greens to begin with on the majority of holes. A total of 53.8% Up and Downs was a statistic supported with the total of 27 putts in the round.

Now I am is back into the practise routine to keep the current standard and establish this as a consistent base to play my game from. The coaching did not end with the professional clocking off after the session time.

I have been given a series of practise session routines which include a competitive scoring aspect. Following the results of the weekend round my personal expectations are high. It has also tapped into the increasing “hunger to win” attitude with my game attitude. Whilst the winning attitude has always existed with my golfing, having a deliberate attacking game strategy has not. This has taken a marked increase in my golf ability to be able to initiate and do with confidence. The attacking game plan was part of the cause of the 11th hole blow out in Sunday’s round. That the back nine (Gross 38) included eight par scores and the 8 (4 over) on the 11th hole was something that is a positive golf experience in my game book. Having since reviewed the shot that caused the blowout. I did consider a different club choice at the time, choosing the one that gave the best chance to hit the green in regulation. After this analysis and hindsight, I would play the same club and shot in those conditions again.
The continuing practise through February is set in stone with the Driver, hybrid and long irons in one section, then the Short irons, wedges second, followed by the crucial putting the ball in the hole. Yesterday the intention was to concentrate on range work that was curtailed by an invitation to play a social 18 holes. This unexpected change of events was well worthwhile, hitting 14 Fairways (including all par 3 greens) using the 460cc driver for the majority of par 4 and 5 holes. The social nature of the round also gave me a chance to further explore the distance issue with the short irons. Deliberately underclubbing on several holes to see what the outcome was. It was encouraging to see that the accuracy and swing tempo etc was not affected by the club choice and that the ball was consistently 10m short of the target.

Whilst the playing conditions are unknown in the future I am making a specific effort to get on the range on the windy days and set up to be hitting into the natural force. This is one regional weather condition that does affect golf here on the coast and practising in it can only be beneficial. At least during summer the wind is not accompanied with rain and is a little more pleasant to practise in. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”Geoff

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