Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Easing faults out of the game

10/1/12 Tuesday. Out and into the practise regime today, working on the iron fault that was so effective in crushing any chance of success during Sunday's competition. Yesterday was a light workout with the sand wedge and chipping to the hole. Today started out in front of the driving net getting the stance and swing correct before heading out to hit 20 balls on the range. All to good effect no big hooks or slices, the ball flying relatively straight from powerful hitting to the target. The chipping has settled down as well getting one ball in the hole from each 15 to the target at 10 to 15m. Started the stamina exercises using the hand grips and chest expander on Monday. This has been a particular assistance in my improvement on the golf course, not after strength with this equipment. The goal and result as delivered in 2009 and 2010 is it to increase the stamina of arms, upper body and hands to reduce mistakes made by tiredness.

You may think that this is overkill for a person who has been playing golf since 2009, on a regular basis. The factor which makes this a must is the Southern Ports Tournament is 3 x 18 hole Competition rounds in a week. Each one counts so there is no let up on the need to play the best golf possible. My entire golf approach is to make a few errors as possible to get the best result. Nothing unique about that, many golfers have the same game plan. That is why I have done the three months of pre-Tournament preparation each year. The results are testament to how effective this is, runner up in both years, C Grade in 2010 and B Grade in 2011. This season I am in A Grade (14hcp or less) and having a crack at the handicap section. Even with my optimism the gross is nowhere within my reach.

All is progressing well at the minute and there has been a noticeable improvement after beginning training last Monday. With two coaching sessions, one on the short game and the other on my stance and set up getting rid of various faults which all detract from the capability top play efficient shots. Still have one more session to go and that was going to be on putting. Yet since last week that part of my game has got back to the standard I expect when not carrying injury. So that coaching session can go into reserve for the end of January. By then I will be firing on all cylinders and will have a coaching session to check that there is no faults starting to creep into the shot play. At the minute it is now a comfortable stance after the awkwardness for the first couple of days after the correction. Very simple to stick to it as is. Stand up, straight legs, push backside out, head up, chin not buried in chest, shoulders back not hunched, backswing straight and hit the ball to target.

Looking forward to interviewing an Australian Touring Professional with a 15 year career playing on the One Asia Tour and in Australia on Wednesday. It has taken a year to get this done and well worth the time. For us average club golfers we do get to play and chat with the professionals. To be able to sit done with a touring professional and film the experience first hand is a bonus. We all know it is not easy to get there and whilst the top players are trotted out in front of the cameras with cliche’ answers during and post tournament. rarely if ever do we get to hear much from the 100’s of other players who make up the bulk of professional ranks. It will be good to sit down without any rush and hear a professional talk about playing the game for a living. Covering recent rounds in the JB Were Masters and Australian Open in 2011 and all the way through the One Asia years is going to be interesting.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

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