Friday, January 13, 2012

Ho hum...practise, practise,practise.

13/1/12 Friday. Right now is one of those moments when I am pleased to have made the effort. It is now two weeks since the coaching sessions and putting my head down and committing to the task of getting my game in tune for the Southern Ports Tournament in March. This year is noticeably more difficult than the previous two, in part because the rate of improvement is less now that I am in A grade on a 12 hcp. Whilst the improvement is happening, the range sessions are based upon making slight adjustments to get the accuracy to the pin. Not to ignore the accuracy for all tee and fairway shots to minimise the need to create recovery shots. It is not possible to make up time once the moment has passed, golf practise is not something that can be rushed. The current 2 hours per day put in, could not be made up with cramming sessions to catch up 28 hours. Not with my ability level and the time I have available for golf, in any case.

The next two weeks of January will see an increase in the daily time spent practising. Mixing it up between short game, irons/hybrid then putting and driver. To say that hours of practise is boring is not correct, once the clubs start to swing and hit balls the boredom aspect is gone. The thought does flit through my mind before starting and after finishing a session, ‘More of this tomorrow and the day after.’ Which is why acknowledging that two weeks have been completed and results have been delivered is important. I have mixed it up with several early morning 9 hole rounds to break the repetition of hitting balls to targets. The rounds also show the benefit of practise that my game receives with improved accuracy, consistency and playing better shots.

The other improvement is coming from the regular excercise routines with the hand grips and chest expander after this first week of doing them each day. The only downside is that my right fore arm is still not 100% and there is still residual soreness and restriction from the Golfers Elbow injury. This is being put to good use by not overdoing practise, making sure that I do not waste time blazing away just hitting balls without treating every one as the ‘must be on target’ shot. Importantly it is not getting worse and does feel to be decreasing in discomfort. The discomfort is at it’s most noticeable when putting. Taking the correct grip and putting accurately was disastrous for me when this injury was at its peak. As soon as the stiffness and soreness abated the putter was back on target and there was major improvement.

The driver has not been hit much this week, this afternoon I will be out having 9 holes in the Chicken Run and may not even use it off the tee. The goal is in the beginning of March and the off-season summer rounds are being used totally to establish the consistency and improved game. Hence I will have no hesitation in restricting club use in favour of getting a good score. With a personal objective of success that is not about winning the competition alone. In February I want to be able to head out and get sub 80 scores in 18 holes without needing a lot of luck. Being able to rely upon my golf playing ability is all that I want to do and score the sub 80 rounds. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”Geoff

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