Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Practise and Patience, you need them both...

17/1/12 Tuesday. After the 9 hole Chicken Run on Friday I did not pick a golf club up again until Monday afternoon. No specific golf reason, a combination of having to do other things and golf is something I do for fun as a sport. A lazy 10 points after the Friday hit enjoying the camaraderie and not trying too hard. Was motivated to play on Sunday but after doing the Junior Golf Clinic and starting the competition had a choice between a swim at the beach and golf, the cooling dip won.

Three weeks has not yet passed since starting the Tournament preparations on the 2nd of January and the improvements are gradually becoming a consistent factor in my golf. The short game has to be reconfigured this week from the results of the chest expander and hand grip exercises. These are exercise routines to develop stamina and maintain a consistent swing through out three days of golf. Each time I do this the first week requires a return to chipping practise, as the strength increase creates havoc with the short game. That also includes my putting as well which benefits with improved club control, needs a tune up to get the roll distance right again.

Unlike previous seasons the improvement to my game is not as obvious, initially. Realistically this practise is expected to deliver a 3-4 stroke improvement over 18 holes. Being able to break 80 consistently will be a major step forward in my golfing. After the weekend break I have been able to get out Monday afternoon and early this morning and have a dedicated practise on the course playing the front nine. Not being a big hitter of the ball the summer weather with the increased ball flight and fairway roll has me a hesitant to accept the results as what to expect all of the time. What is accepted is the improved accuracy off the tee beginning to establish itself as a reliable game facet. The irons have became a much improved part of my game also, whilst still coming to terms with this the benefits will be more obvious in time.

The changes in my stance have freed up my swing and the simple technique of playing strokes feels so much easier. No longer having parts of the swing action working in opposition to each other saves energy and applies this to the ball being hit forward. It is taking an extra effort in concentration during the set up and not accepting the impulse to swing the clubs as previously. Which is why the practise rounds are so beneficial. At times I get lazy and play the stroke as before and instead of accepting the flawed result it is easy to hit another one and see the improved result straight away. I also hit a second ball after playing a correct stroke and more often than not repeat the result. Best example was yesterday hitting two drives within 5 m of each other and then a 100m PW to the green and both balls finished 20cm apart! This morning on two holes I doubled up off the tee, hitting 220m drives that finished within 5m of each other and the following shots were on the green also.

Patience is a very valuable part of this Tournament preparation, sticking to the same schedule as the past two seasons is not as easy as is seems. The desire to get results fast is always a mental battle that is fought on the practise track. Once February comes up on the calendar I will be able to get out and play golf with the improvements from coaching and the current practise established. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”

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