Sunday, February 19, 2012

Golf form return after Kingston SE round...

18/2/12 Sunday. Very satisfied with the stroke round result yesterday at Kingston SE, not only with the return to form score wise but the course strategy approach which could at last be put into effect. The last two weeks have been hampered with recovering from injury, the Bowen Therapy treatment has been successful as always. Practise has not been enjoyable in this time, physical discomfort never is let alone persisting with getting results from training routines at the same time.

The score would have been woeful if the practise routines had not been completed, especially the short game and putting. The final score of 87 gross for a nett 75 with 28 putts came from getting myself in position to recover and save holes with only one Green in Regulation for the day. Still not 100% fitness wise. That will improve in the coming week with one more treatment on Wednesday to complete the rehabilitation. As I write this I am sitting with gel pads attached to the stiff spots as my TENS machine works the stiffness out. I am considering playing again today in my home track 18 hole competition, the weather is cooler and some thunderstorms are forecast nothing too uncomfortable to play in though.

I also want to test out the bag configuration that I have settled on for the coming tournament. It has been a success so far and some fine tuning after a range session this morning resulted in the AP2’s being totally removed from the bag and the 8, 9 and PW irons are all blades from my Wilson 1200 set. This has taken 5-10 m off the distance easily achieved with the Titliest clubs, replaced with a much better accuracy and grouping of balls on the range. I am bemused as to why the AP2 irons have became so erratic, first thought is that they are not suitable for my ability. Considering the injury restriction, even before that happened there was a definite effort needed to maintain accurate shots with these irons, they all would go left if I did not concentrate 100% when using them.

Changing to the old cavity backs and blade mix I have improved the accuracy, together with better distance as a result of the coaching improvements as well. The driver is a Titleist clone, MDD Tour 380cc stiff flex. With 210-220m easily achieved and yesterday a few 230m plus results were delivered when I put the effort in on par 5’s and long par 4’s. On target with accuracy off the tee and that is a vital part of my game plan. The GIR shots where not disastrous as far as misses went, with short chips getting me in place for par attempts still. I feel that improvement in the offing this week after a little more practise with the replacement irons.

My confidence of being in form for the Southern Ports Tournament has never wavered. It has taken a big effort and that is motivation to want to play even better, whilst every round is a different course and game plan this is a motivation in itself also. Thankyou for your time and attention, “hit ‘em straight all”Geoff

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