Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tournament preparations almost complete...

22/2/12 Wednesday. Four days out from the first round of the Southern Ports Tournament week, all of the coaching and practise has improved facets of my golf game. The last three weeks of pain and and erratic game play from the injury flare up has been corrected with the medical treatment program. Another session in an hours time today, that will be the final must have rehabilitation treatment. Then off to Adelaide this afternoon for work, hopefully will get to see a Standup comedy show or two at the Fringe as well.

It was terrific to get out on the range this morning and hit my way through a selection of 9, 5 and 3 ,irons then the driver which confirmed the recovery was complete. Took the AP2 irons which have been unplayable for me of late with the injury restrictions. Also the replacement irons which I used to good effect this weekend at Kingston on Saturday, then followed up with another 18 holes at Robe on Sunday. Final score at Robe was 32 stableford points from an 89 Gross with 31 Putts a fourth place behind the winner on 37 points. Had the opportunity to score better at times but playing a relaxed social round, also a little within myself with the mental attitude that was not achieved. It has taken three months of dedicated effort and for the third year in succession this has prepared my golf game for the three tournament rounds.

Taking the AP2 irons to the range this morning was the crux of my fitness and form test. These are the irons which have been used when getting best results. The ‘combination’ set I made up from a cavity back and blade irons worked well enough this past weekend and I can break 80 with either in the bag. If my physical condition is at its best the AP2 set is the first choice to go in the bag, with them comes an extra 10-20 metres with the short irons. The MDD 380 cc Driver is a Titleist clone and this has greatly benefited from the coaching changes in particular. It was confirmed in the past weekend rounds and this weeks range practise that this club is reaching 220 m off the tee with ease. This week I have practised with the driver, deliberately hitting into the wind. Not the easy option but living on the coast this is a weather condition which creates havoc among golf fields here. Not a golfer obsessed with hitting the big drive, a good thing because up until now this was beyond my ability. It seems that part of my game has now improved, I can hit the plus side of 230m a benefit from the recent coaching.

Being the third consecutive attempt at a title in the Southern Ports Golf Week, with second placing in both previous years I have total confidence in the preparation. Even the last three weeks of abject misery from the pain and inability to maintain a consistent swing or concentrate were nothing unexpected. This has happened at the same time, with the same problems during the training routine in 2010 and 2011. This is something that epitomises a touted aspect of the game, “the best golf is played with a regular predictable game.” even my injury problems are predictable each season. When I contracted ‘golfers elbow’ in 2011 my game fell apart, that was new injury. The back, shoulder and groin problems are expected and are rectified with a regular treatment program. This does not make them any more tolerable, having a management program is a great benefit in recovering and still maintaining good golf scores.

Time out for the next couple of days from golf is planned. There will be some light golf practise and physical exertion. The goal over the remaining four days is to engage my game focus and attitude that is crucial during rounds. There is no leeway in this aspect of playing the game for success, be mentally lazy or detached and the result will be crap. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all.”


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