Friday, March 23, 2012

Better concentration assists better scores

23/3/12. Friday. It has been a busy week off and on the golf course for me, fact of life for us golfers who do not play the game for a living. If I did play the game for a job my main sponsors would have to be assorted charities, so I had food to eat and a roof over my head, considering my level of ability. Would probably have the practical experience to write a book on “1000 recipes for two minute noodles” in quick time as a professional golfer.

This week has been one of physical recovery again, no complaints from me in this, another flare up of existing chronic injuries. Sure not having the pain and discomfort would be a great, reality dictates that this is something that can be managed not removed. This was not too bad and a half hour Bowen Therapy treatment soon had me up and moving freely again. Following the heavy training load began in January the physical reaction of discomfort is moderating. Like any good training program once it has been done the benefits are a standard feature of your game. This preseason was significantly more in preparation for working towards being competitive in A Grade competition. First goal for the season is to win my first A Grade Open handicap section. No real potential to do any better than that on my current handicap. The “off the stick” section is the domain of the single figure golfers.

Out practising all week though even before the treatment playing nine hole and eighteen hole rounds, continuing the commitment to getting more game time on top of range practice. The effect of the injuries is most noticeable after treatment, my swing returns to a consistent smooth rythym. My body is so uncomfortable when out of sync that the pyhsical pain undermines my focus and concentration too often. This does have a benefit, I can see it as being a very effective tool in the future. Although it still is a distraction the impact is gradually being over come as I strengthen my resolve. This has always been a driving force in my golfing, ever since beginning to use the game 20 plus years ago as rehabilitation therapy. My experience is nothing compared to other golfers who have far worse disabilities and play at professional and amateur levels.

The past weekend was one of playing two 18 hole competitions. On Saturday travelled to Kingston SE for 18 holes in their stroke round. Started with a 51 strokes and 18 putts on the front nine followed with 40 strokes and 13 putts for the back nine. 91 for a nett 78. Double bogies on the first five holes cracked the front nine apart. Came back well, putting got into the groove. Short game was the hole wrecker in those first 5 holes. The improved short game is very noticeable after having therapy on the injuries. Yesterday I hit 100 balls in chipping practice with no bladed or fat shots. In this round with the restricted body movement chips were short from being hit fat or bladed too often, including iron fairway shots. Frustrating to say the least but as the score shows I got on top of the distraction.

Bugga! Home club Monthly Medal on Sunday and was in the hunt all day. Just ran out of steam on the last 3 holes. Not disappointed more so a little surprised to tell the truth. This was a benefit from playing at Kingston the day before. Was cruising along well enough missed a few birdie putts but was covering all the bogies with pars and keeping the card on track for a playing to par finish. Then on the 16th. a par 3, bladed a 9 iron through the back of the green under trees and ended up with a 6 (with 3 putts). Still did not give up but could not pick up birdie or par finishes on the last two holes. Had nothing left in the tank, the mental effort of the day took everything I had to stop the physical restrictions from affecting the game as it did at Kingston. Yet the experience from the day before was a definite advantage, the only blemishes were two double bogies on the front nine and the triple bogie on the 16th hole.

My score at the finish, a pair of 44’s with 15 putts on the front nine and 16 on the back. Gross 88, nett 75 with 31 putts.Winning score for the day was a nett 72 and 4th place for myself. Following the recent weekends of playing Saturday and Sundays it has been beneficial to me golf form.

The tiredness in the legs and feet and general back stiffness caused the concentration wavering on the greens too often. Yet I do not see that as the problem as opposed to a result of the one. Not fit enough and not enough playing/practice time. It is improvement on recent results as I have stepped up playing since the Southern Ports Tournament. Obviously my game is still a work in progress. Next is a two day Open at Bordertown on the 31st of March and 1st of April, usually play in their October event but going to continue the two day golf weekends while possible. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”


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