Saturday, March 24, 2012

Would you go for the green or lay up on this par4?

13th Hole at Kingston SE. 

This hole is a par 4, 324m off the back marker, on the day this was shot, played of another tee block taking 20-30m off the distance. The hole info board does not show how sharp the fairway doglegs to the left. I hit 220m consistently and straight off the tee these days and this is one of the holes that has became a shot saver. By cutting the corner it is very possible to hit the green if you have a 250m drive in your regular shot selection.

Even with my 220m drive, on a day like today I actually went 5m too long off the fairway. My fault I was filming and it did not register that we were playing a shorter fairway.
Not my best film work I was trying to play well in a competition round, and a little distracted by the game. As you can see the 150m peg is on the far side of the fairway just before the dogleg. The 100m marker is around the dogleg. The drive shown was shorter than mine but was almost off the fairway going too long and still cut 20-30 m off leaving a second shot of 70m approx. This also barely cut the corner.

No sand bunkers a few deep grass potholes have been created. Again on the left side of the fairway, facing the green and closest to the tee block. 

No matter, the point is would you play the lay up shot to the turn or take the punt and hit over the native bush, cutting the corner and go for the green/fairway?

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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