Friday, March 02, 2012

Southern Ports Golf Week Rd 2 at Beachport

1/3/12 Thursday. After the second round at Beachport my score had improved but once again poor putting combined with poor tee shots cut my round out of contention. With only one triple putt for a bogie a marked improvement on the Kingston SE round. It was the several lip out putts that cost me 4-5 strokes combined with a driver which went off the fairway too often. Having to play five shots to get back onto the fairway that effectively killed off the potential to score well. With a gross 91 for a nett 78 with 32 putts this put me in a mid 20’s placing still much better than many and not a disaster.

The final round on Friday at Robe is going to feature gusting winds on the coastal course. Again I am expecting to play better than the previous two rounds, this is not blind optimism. It has been a very beneficial experience, having pushed my physical boundaries in preparing to play in the 2012 tournament that was in itself well worth it to now have a better swing. As always when playing golf the social conversation often goes around to golf matters and chatting with single figure golfers again has delivered more vital knowledge. This time though I am competing in the same grade albeit at the tail end of the handicaps in A Grade on 13. The importance is that now I am in a position ability wise to begin making the move down the numbers and play at a much improved level.

Not forgetting that there are differences between ‘my game’ and any other golfers game, the process is not about aping another golfers game to improve. In fact there has been one epiphany during this week which I will describe after the tournament is over. The whole series has been great fun and not a single bit of bad attitude or complaining about the condition of fairways, greens etc. has come from me. Unlike others who have not performed well either and started that self destructive blame game on all of the various outside influences which have affected their game.

Today I am going out with the same attacking game plan for my home course with form that has improved over the week. The mental attitude has not faltered through the week, the fact is that I am not good enough yet, to be able to play successfully among this level of competition. With that simple reality not being ignored on my part already the planning has began for the rest of 2012 to improve the standard of golf I play to be competitive. dear readers I am a hungry b@st@rd when it comes to the desire to play good golf and win. The game play goal is to develop the ability and quality of golf played that can support my desire for success. Golf is great fun to play, win or lose there is always a new challenge to create that adds to the enjoyment. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all.”

, Geoff

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