Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tournament Round One played at Kingston...

28/2/12 Tuesday. First round played at Kingston SE on Monday and whilst the weather was fine the scores apart from one golfer with a nett 72 were below expectations. Including my own score which I was happy with considering that once on the green the putting was poor. After having three putted thrice in the round there was nothing much else that was notable in the rounds errors. Then on the 18th hole inexplicably I had an 8, taking no penalties just could not get the ball on the green after two good shots on the par five. Replaying the strokes in my mind I have no explanation why, after having no problems and actually having a run of pars on the back nine.

A mental brain explosion took me from an acceptable 76-77 nett finish to a 79. That is not even bothering me, the score is a fact now and whilst a better one would be preferred I can deal with this starting number. Last season I was similarly placed after the opening round of Southern Ports, certainly it was not best start but it is not the end of the challenge. Played to the game plan for each hole throughout the round, putting was a failure could not get any rythym, front nine was short or wide with misreads. Frustrating day on the course considering that the play was all on target after the first 3 holes. It took me a little by surprise for those first hole hitting through the green unexpectedly. This was easily fixed simply by taking a club less on approach shots.

The table has one player on Nett 69, 73 and 73. Followed with five on 74, four on 75 and five on 78 then myself in the five on 79. Tomorrow is at Beachport and the weather prediction is a return to the windy coastal conditions that are familiar to the local players. his will have no bearing on my game as I have the game plan already for this course. Chose to rest up today and relax, starting work at 5.30am, finishing work around 12.30. The Bridgestone iron have slotted into use with ease, better than expected in truth. The Driver improvements held up well throughout the day, good enough for me to play a consistent round with at Beachpport and try and pick up some strokes on the current leaders. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”


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Mei said...

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