Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coaching done and successful...

Returned home this afternoon and managed to squeeze in a quick nine hole amble around the course. The aim being to get used to the changes after the coaching session yesterday, nothing major more a matter of returning to the good things that I had been getting lax with. The three major ones were identified with the iron session being A) Lifting my left heel (front foot) on the back swing. This removes the stability of the platform that making each shot is based on. B) My knees were rigid and locked into place and I had to return to flexing/bending them in my stance. C) In my follow through I was not rotating so that my hips were turning and I would be facing the target after playing shots. The give away is the right foot (back) remaining flat on the ground or partially lifting and rotating.
Another fault that was creeping into my game was failing to rotate the wrists in the swing. This was again creating erratic shot play. For me these faults are not catastrophe’s, given that I have been playing to and breaking my handicap of late they are faults which are inconsistencies with my game. The cure is once identified to get on the range and play the shots until they are complete by rote.
Up until now my practice has never been focused upon this aspect of training. In part due to not knowing what was the correct game play to learn. That has now been supplied and the next step is to get it down pat.
Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all”

, Geoff

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