Monday, May 07, 2012

One shot Too many and second place...

7/5/12 Monday Thinking about golf is a part of the game which in my opinion does help. I take the view that this is practise for the mental side of the game when on the course. Besides which, thinking about golf is something that is enjoyable, so finding a ‘reason’ for doing it did not take much. The mental side of golf has been of growing import for my game lately. The effort to get to the target of a ten handicap and within reach of a single digit handicap, in my case has needed a mental golfing revamp. Fortunately this is nothing major, but as with the mechanics of the game the mental side has to be exercised and improved to be operating alongside the physical game play.

This weekend after the changes to the practise routine to accommodate the winter weather conditions I still managed to get an improved result and take a stroke off my handicap down to twelve. This came about from following one of my established practise routines of using different clubs. This time though it was targeting putting which of late has been unreliable. A couple of years ago I bought a Proline clone of the Odyssey Two-Ball mallet style putter, always struggled with this for reaching the hole and with accuracy within a metre of the hole. The putter required a precise hit on the ball or it would go off line and my stroke then was not good enough.

With the improved putting scores the Proline club will now become a regular practice tool on the green. Much like other golfing equipment that is used for practice only ie; weighted drivers This putter which makes me work hard on accuracy and has had a marked effect on the scores is a valuable tool. Interesting that my mind realising initially that changing putters while an option was not the best. Concluding that the regular practice in the week was the correct use of the Proline putter.

On the practise green the past week was inspiring. The balls where reaching the hole from three to ten metres an excellent result, if not in the hole the ball finished inside a metre of the target. Inside that metre though my accuracy was still not good, did play a practise round with the mallet putter and that was the only failing. Sunday morning went out for a practise putt with my regular putter and the Proline, in part because using the mallet putter in the round was a consideration. Instead I realised after half an hour that my putting was much improved with the Wilson 100 specifically because of concentration required to use the Proline.

The round which followed was a handicap breaker, 41 on each nine, 13 putts on the front and 14 on the back nine. A gross 82 for a Nett 69. Last week my score of 84 included 32 putts this weekend the total putts was 27 with nine two putts and nine one putts. I was one very satisfied golfer even though finishing in second place for the Monthly Medal after a countback. On a side note this was the biggest club competition field, outside of Opens, since I began in 2009 and our club captain believes in the last five seasons.This is a result of three years of action by the club to increase playing golfer membership. Personally to have done so well amongst a field of this number and quality added to the enjoyment of the days golf.

This weekend I will be playing my matchplay on the Saturday. Giving eight strokes to the opponent will be a challenge that is going to add some spice to the game, peaked a week early only had to give him seven strokes before. Will be a good matchup against a golfer who is less experienced with a game that is far removed from mine. My game of, “Playing the fairway from the tee with controlled drives and accuracy before distance Versus Going for the distance and attacking the green at all times.” The challenge being my opponent will blow out one or two holes a round and the rest are par and bogie scores.

Have booked in for a coaching session at Drummond Golf at West Beach this week while in Adelaide. Nothing major, just want to have my swing looked over. While hitting 50% of fairways is consistently part of current rounds, there is an irregular ‘pull’ to the left off the tee and occasionally from the fairway that is affecting scores. The balls flight is not a draw or hook but that twenty to thirty metres possible variation needs to be stopped. Whilst I have managed to almost remove it from fairway iron shots, off the tee it happens too often. Thankyou for your time and attention, ”hit ‘em straight all”


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