Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Next tournament is the Keith Open...

20/6/12 Wednesday. Planning for the Keith Open has been the main concern this week. Fortunately I had made an error thinking that it was a two round tournament played Saturday and Sunday. Instead it is two days play but only the Sunday is the 18 hole Open event. In which case I will no go and play on the Saturday in the Stableford competition and get a look at the course and be aware of the nuances.

It will be a big ask to get a win, I have always enjoyed playing at Keith. Being able to drive up and have a round the day before the Open is a definite bonus, a 300 km round trip but on country roads it is smooth travelling. Some consider the course a short 5986m Par 73 layout with four par 3s ranging from 122-190m, nine par 4s ranging from 285-393m and five par 5s ranging from 439-477m. With my current form the par 5 holes are all potential birdie opportunities for me at the minute.

This week so far has been light practise just swinging easy with the clubs and keeping the irons in tune and still getting used to the new driver. I am still enjoying having a belt with the Cleveland driver off the tee blocks pushing the limits of my capability with the club. Finishing each session with the required controlled accurate hitting that is used on competition days. There is a method in the madness of sorts. At the minute the weather has the typical gusty wind which in winter makes playing coastal courses a challenge. Being able to practise in this condition is a bonus, not always fun often hard work. Playing shots straight into, across and with the prevailing wind with all clubs is invaluable.

Travelling to Adelaide for a couple of days later this afternoon which will include a session at the driving range on Thursday. One of the best things about heading to a driving range is not having to go and pick the balls up after a session. That adds a lot of enjoyment to the practise for me alone. Back into the same routine after the landmark result on the weekend. The motivation has always been there with my golf efforts. Having a definitive result on the score card has made it all well worth the commitment. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” 


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