Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the driving range...

21/6/12 Thursday Up in Adelaide and solid rain for the last 12 hours at least, 50-70mls here has made it wet everywhere. The good thing is that the Drummond Driving range is available so i can hit balls and not have to pick them up afterwards, The main aim was to get time on the range with the driver. Did that, still got wet, the need to get in form with this club now is imperative and a little discomfort is warranted.

Had a selection of demo irons as well to trial on the range. A couple of Wilsons, Wilson Staff Di11 Irons – Graphite/Half and Half a combo metal graphite shaft and the Cleveland CG16 the three were all fun to hit and an informative exercise for future reference. Not shopping for new irons, the AP2’s do a good enough job. Looking to the future though and I am sure a set of quality cavity backs will be a benefit to my game.

Finished the session off with the irons and in full flight with my swing once loosened up. Each of the three types had identifiable characteristics. The Di11 and CG16 were forgiving as to be expected. I could not split them as to which was the better for my game. The lighter Cleveland perhaps by a slight margin of preference from the “feel”.

The Driver was on song and ticked all of the boxes for a good practise session. Still room for a lot of improvement though and that will come in time. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”

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