Monday, July 30, 2012

Winning with ugly golf is better than losing ...

30/7/12 Monday. After the erratic day at Naracoorte on Saturday fronted up on the home track for the Sunday 29th of July competition. It was the first qualifier of the Gallerie Trophy and a Monthly Medal round. Proving that no matter how ugly your golf is, the score is what separates the winners from the losers not how pretty your game is.Won the day with a 77 Nett and 89 off the stick. The NTP was mine on Sunday missing the  Putting on the day (27) went well enough with 29 putts and Ryans Run for the best back nine score was picked up by myself.

Not a bad return of winning results on the day after being battered hard in past weeks on neighbouring courses. My golf was ugly  as far as the structure of the round went. Playing well off the tee again and putting well enough a few poor chips did not help and the most damage to the score was from the fairway shots. Two lost balls knocked the charge towards playing to Par off the rails. One in particular was a great shot but a club too much that went straight to the green, over it and into the native bush surrounds. Dropped a club played a provisional and it landed a couple of metres from the pin. 

All of the day there was no feeling of stability in my game. This week will be spent refreshing my game brain, that seems to be the problem. Concentration lapses is what is the cause of this erratic game play. On making an error with a stroke the following shot is played correctly and the rest of the hole is played effectively and efficiently. It is not that concentrating is a problem it is the maintaining of the focus in rounds that is causing the most damage. Together with one fault that I do not seem to be able to get the better of at the minute, getting the distances of my clubs settled. 

Not choosing the correct club and hitting the ball too long or too short has been put down to playing unfamiliar courses in the past month. Yesterday on my home track though it was blatantly obvious that the club selection on the front nine was out of sync with the actual distances I hit the ball. On the back nine there was an improvement that resulted in GIR's and obviously the NTP won on the 16th hole is one testament to that. Apart from refreshing my mental golf a concerted effort is needed to get on top of the club selection for fairway shots. This will be interesting with a complete hybrid set arriving in coming weeks. I will start with a clear slate with the new sticks to establish their distances.

The next two weeks are a Par round on the 5th of August and Stableford on the 12th of the month. Then the first Qualifier for Club Championships on the 19th as well as the second round of the Gallerie Trophy. Then the 26th of August is the second and third rounds of the respective Qualifying rounds. While my golf is not at its best currently. It was still better than the rest of the club opponents in the last competition. There is going to be some serious work in store on the practise fairway and greens in the build up to the club championships.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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