Saturday, August 04, 2012

Still losing the fat....

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4/8/12 Saturday weigh in for the fifth week of taking the diet supplements. I have got a digital set of scales now, whilst the weight loss does register on the older scales the read out is difficult to get an accurate figure. The total weight on the scales this morning is 102.5 kg and a picture is included in the post. A bit of a surprise as I did not feel as though I had exercised enough during the week and was expecting a negligible figure to show for the week.

That puts the total weight loss in five weeks since beginning to to take the diet supplements at 6.5kg from 109kg. My meals during the week included several beers on Saturday night at a 50th birthday as well as canapes and hors d'oeuvres. During the rest of the week it was coffee with toast and cheese and twice fried (Olive oil) eggs and toast for breakfast, 2 x ham cheese sandwiches for lunches and Chicken Marsarla 3 times for dinner Steak chips and egg for dinner and Stir Fried curry noodles for dinner on Friday night as well as a couple of beers at the golf club.

After seeing this result my confidence at getting to less that 100 kg is strengthened. The reduction is gradual and there is no discomfort as a result of taking the diet supplements. I will set a target of 92 kilograms which is what I weighed in 2002 as the ultimate target. Seeing as I have not had any growth spurts since then that would be a very acceptable weight for me. This figure is 10.5 kilograms below my current weight so it may take two to three more months but that is certainly not a problem.

Not carrying the 6.5 kilograms gone so far on my frame is already a vast improvement in physical comfort. It is especially noticeable after a couple of days golfing that my energy and physical condition are still up for more. 


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