Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Adjusting to loss of distance...

4/7/12 Wednesday. Today it is time to start on the short iron improvement required after the weekends rounds. Taking the #7,#9 and PW out to the practise fairway it only took few hits to get into the rythym. Beginning with the pitching wedge to warm up and swinging the club easily the ball was coming off sweetly and well flighted. Into a slight breeze which may have had a moderate effect on the distance after hitting twenty balls it was time to stop then walk out to see the results and pick up the balls.

Accuracy wise was an improvement from yesterdays 30% increased to 20% this was the standard for all three irons used. The distance reached with the shots showed I had been labouring under a major misjudgment. The P/W was reaching 85-90 metres easily but was well below the expected 100 metres. Sure enough the seven and nine irons were also 10 metres shorter than expected when picking up the balls after each twenty ball hit out.

Understandably winter weather does have and effect on the distance of shots and the clubs used. With varying degrees of influence depending on individual golfers. For a short hitter of the ball as in my case, where the surprise came from was due to the increase in use of my shorter irons. Being that my approach shots previously were played with #5 and #6 irons more often than not. It was my first instinct to think that it was a reaction to pressure and failure to be able to play the shorter irons consistently. Instead the answer was much simpler I was hitting the ball well enough, only expecting the distance covered to be greater. Hopefully the better weather will hold on for a couple more days and I will be able to get comfortable with the distance of the clubs and continue the months improvement.

In the afternoon I managed to get out and have a good workout with the driver. Working through three lots of ten balls it was a very enjoyable session. The first ten I warmed up quickly and was into the rythym with accuracy and comfortable. The Second ten ball I let the controls loose and swung for distance. With that came a lessening of accuracy, not too drastic nor acceptable in game conditions though. For the third session feeling the effects of the exertion I did the smart thing. Reigned in the unlimited quest for distance and the ball was delivered with ease to the target and a 75% accuracy rate with it. While I enjoy the benefits from the improved distance off the tee, there is quite some work to go before I can truly rely upon it as an unquestioned game feature.

It was not until this morning that I had a bit of a surge in my golf interest for the weekend. The club comp which has the 3rd and final round in its 'Best Two of Three' format on the coming Sunday for some reason I had decided that was beyond me. Weird yet it has obviously been sitting in the subconscious since Sundays round.

I am still in the running if a score of 38 or better can be lodged this weekend, that would tie me with the current leader. So the practice sessions are now being done with an added incentive of playing to better than my current handicap this weekend. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” 


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