Thursday, July 05, 2012

Break my handicap to win...

5/7/12 Thursday. Managed to get in a fifty ball practise session this morning to keep on track with improving the short iron performance. The distance matter has been resolved with the various irons from #7 to the Pitching Wedge. It has made a difference to my comfort when setting up for a shot, concentrating on playing the shot. Without the distraction of thinking, “where is it going to go?” as I settle into the stance.

This morning the balls were all on target to the recalibrated distance expectation. I still have this unplanned pull to the left with the short irons occurring. The problem with this is that I do not know what causes it exactly, it is a swing fault that has been identified previously. At that time though my decision was to leave it be as it had only began to be an irritation as my game improved. Prior to the improvements in 2012 after coaching in January my stroke play was more erratic at its best. Now at my best there are no more than five shots which really affect my scoring and that includes these shots which add a chip to the green on a handful of holes per round. The ball goes no more than five to 20 metres in the movement to the left and it is a gentle curve in the flight.

As regular readers would be aware m golf game premise is a very simple one based around hitting the ball straight. Playing draws or fades is not a consideration in my planning for any round. This has evolved from my need to establish a consistent and reliable swing since 2009. Learning to move the ball has had no part in this vital facet of my golfing standard. Having reduced my handicap twenty four strokes, from thirty six to the current twelve and on target for that original goal of a ten handicap this has worked so far.

I do know the theory on how to play strokes that will move the ball, but do not practise them at all. It is only necessary when I make an error on the practise range and the ball slicing and being able to know what to do that corrects it for the next shot. I will not consider developing this facet of a golfing armoury until I have a 100% reliable swing.

The Driver workout this morning was especially satisfactory, limited it to 20 balls to make it a ‘best or bust’ effort. I do a loosening up routine to begin a practise session, before swinging the club every time to minimise errors. Put the pressure on right from the start, the first ten balls hit flat out going for maximum distance. Not disastrous with a fifty percent accuracy on the fairway and the missed shots to the left and right were not dreadful but still off the fairway and among trees in some instances. The second set of ten balls I followed the example of yesterdays practise and went for fairway targets and returned ninety percent accuracy. With a drop of ten to twenty metres in distance this is still my optimum standard for playing in competition.

On days like this the repetitive practise can be so boring and bland without anything spectacular. The ‘best or bust’ start with the driver was a good cure for that. To then follow up with the efficient shots that hit the fairway so often made it a good fun session with a great result. The incentive to go for a place finish this weekend and the need to break my handicap and play a sub par personal round to do this is really motivating. Thankyou for your time and attention, ‘Hit ‘em straight all”


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