Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CAVPower Open wrap up...

24/7/12 Tuesday. It could be said that I am becoming a one hit wonder with my winning effort at Lucindale coming from getting Nearest the Pin in the 185 metre 12th hole in the A Grade competition. Missed the birdie but got the par and it was full steam ahead from there on the first nine played. Starting on the tenth hole I had racked up a double then triple bogie (3 putt) start. Finishing with a gross 45 after nine holes the confidence was there in being able to match that or better on the second nine holes after lunch. My belief and confidence did not carry me over the line though, four double bogies on the last nine with one 3 putt and five bogies returned a 49 and a total tally 94 and a Nett 82.

The fault was in part scoring 18 putts on both nines with 2 x 1 putts and 2 x 3 putts and the rest all two putt efforts. There was at least one putt attempts that missed and that compounded the damage. The real damage was the lack of greens in regulation that came from poor drives in the main that required recovery shots to the fairway with no real attempt possible in making the green. Whilst the short game was good enough too many times I was left with a 3-4 metre first putt on greens that were much quicker and with more borrow than I was comfortable with.

The result is on my scores now and has to be accepted as a fail. Whilst the past months poor scores has been taken in good grace the failures are not being well received on my part. There are many factors that can be attributed to the results mostly from playing unfamiliar and markedly different courses to the home track. The time has come where the easy going enjoyment of just being outside and playing golf has to be given a boost into concentrating for 18 holes in getting the best result possible. After the coming weekends Naracoorte Open Tournament to close off July, it’s into club championship qualifying rounds during August. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”


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