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Weight loss improves my golf...

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It is very noticeable in the past month how the weight loss is improving my golfing. Not in making the ball go longer or more accurately but in the enjoyment of the game. Particularly during practise, competition rounds and after playing there is less stiffness and tiredness. With my various injuries from motor vehicle accidents the lessened strain on the body from carrying less weight really is a boon. After twenty years plus of living with the injuries I knew when to expect the assorted aches and pains to flare up. Especially since 2009 and returning top playing golf three to five times a week as well as practise there has been a few months lost to recovering from putting too much strain on damaged body parts.

After three weeks I have began to up the ante in my practise sessions as well. With more freedom of movement and flexibility apparent with the weight loss I can now put in a one hundred percent effort for 20 to 30 balls at a time. Where as before ten balls at 100% was a safe limit to reach in a practise session. Fitness in golfing is often a minor focus with the game skills getting the lions share of effort. Even among Professional ranks commentators will often mention that Golfer X has had  a significant improvement in making the cuts and winning tournament since concentrating on improving their fitness. You can be certain that my desire to lose weight was not one of vanity but wanting to be fitter and healthier.

Starting Week Four today (Saturday 21st July 2012) Total weight loss in the past 3 weeks of taking the diet supplement capsules is 4 kilograms.
This morning when doing the weekly weigh in an unforseen problem cropped up. I do not use a digital scale which has an LED screen with the weight displayed. Instead my scale is the older version with the wheel that rotaes to your eight. Hence this morning the weigh in looked to be less that last Saturday, only by 200-300 grams at a guess. That cannot be a positive figure so I am recording a zero kg loss for the past week. At the end of week four the loss will be more obvious on the scale.

Day 15 Saturday coffee, 2 hot dog and bread at golf, 2xBeers Beef Rogan Josh rice.
Sunday coffee, No Golf Dinner Steak (grilled) salad chips, Monday coffee,lunch 2 x sandwich cheese tomato ham Dinner Beef Rogan Josh rice. Apple. Tuesday coffee Lunch 165 g packet of Cracker Biscuits, Dinner Corned Beef Vegetables Potato Broccoli Carrot Wednesday Breakfast Coffee, Sausage, Bacon Egg apples, Cracker Biscuits 160gDinner Beef Rogan Josh rice. Thursday coffee apples and Ham, cheese tomato and bread for lunch, Dinner Beef Rogan Josh rice. Friday Coffee , Lunch 2 x sandwich cheese tomato ham Apples Dinner Scrambled Eggs Toast. My exercising was irregular with and unexpected trip to Adelaide mid week. Wednesday Thursday and Friday I was out on the golf course but only played 5 holes Wednesday and Thursday with 9 holes on Friday.

The only consistent was taking the two diet supplement product capsules each morning. Travelling to Adelaide mid week through out my excersise and dieting routine a little with work commitments on the return.Weather permitting will try to get in daily walks of 3km to 6 km at least 4 times during the seven day period. Although next week I am travelling to Adelaide again on Wednesday.

As any reader can see this diet has not had any food regimentation apart from moderate quantities and having junk foods twice while travelling (Chilli Cracker Biscuits 160g x 2) Only small packets but this is eating instant carbohydrates.

Even so the score is Diet Supplements 4 kilogram weight loss in 3 Weeks, Scepticism Definitely changing my opinion. Will put in the effort in the fourth week of this experiment, which also includes playing the Lucindale CAVPower Open on Sunday. Which has perhaps the best Schnitzel Lunch for players to enjoy even if playing the crappiest game of golf in your life this meal makes up for it. Followed by real country kitchen prepared afternoon tea that would explode the average heart with the lashings of cream, sugar, jams and other country goodness! Plus having a round of beers this week is going to NEED a big disciplined effort to try and drop a Kilogram and make it 5 kgs weight loss in 4 weeks of trialling the Diet Supplements.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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