Friday, January 25, 2013

25/1/13 Friday As I do every year this time is spent training and practising for the coming season. 2013 is markedly different with an increased fitness training program that is definitely adding more improvement to my golfing. In addition I have imported a training aid that is designed to improve golfing as well. At this stage after 3 days this is definitely having an effect. Third day with the Dream Swing training equipment. Definite improvement in ease and comfort while using the equipment. Considering the noticeable changes the Dream Swing design is perfectly created to suit any golfer who is serious about improvement. As was proven the day before with hitting the ball on the range a marked increase in club-head speed and ease of swing. At the minute this improvement is coming at a time when I had intensified training and practising in my annual season preparation. To be playing well at the minute and then notice a marked improvement in several aspects of my golfing is no mean feat. The coming weekend of golf competitions on Saturday and Sunday are going to be challenging. Having to adjust to significant game changes and still play consistent and competitive golf at the same time. This is where my attitude of "playing for fun' during this period shows it's benefit. I enjoy playing well and winning, at this time of the year though the focus is on having fun. Enjoying my game improvements in a thrill. Even when it is a challenge to play consistently while adjusting to the effects of the training is why there is no tantrums in my golf. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all" Geoff

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