Monday, January 28, 2013

Handicap breaking form continues...

28/1/13 Monday. Another weekend of playing two competition rounds, Kingston on Saturday and Robe on the Sunday. This weekend was significantly different in golfing approach on the Saturday. Choosing to experiment in a competition round with using the 56 degree wedge in my approach shots from 70-100 metres out from the green. This was brought about with a combination of harder greens and the need to drop and stop the ball as well as the recent distance improvement I am getting off the tee as well as with all clubs. I had practised during the week with the 56 degree wedge, which I carry for use in sand bunkers and for shots 25 to 30 m out from the green when not suitable for the pitching wedge. Was never comfortable with this club and duffed most of the long shots. Reverted to playing it as before from 30 metres in to the green for the time being. It is going to be a matter of practise to improve results with this wedge. It is possible to not practise with it of course. My choice though is to improve with it and have an extra selection available in my clubs. Day two was a head down and serious golf day as far as is acceptable for my summer rounds. The focus was still on having fun and that perhaps showed in the two double bogies during the last four holes. A few concentration lapses from being relaxed prevented a sub 80 score finished with a gross 82 and nett 69 to break my handicap easily enough. Several birdie putts just lipped out as did 3-4 par putts. None of which mattered, close enough is good enough when gauging the improvement at this early stage of pre season preparation. On the other side of the coin is that I hit the ball 240 metres plus on eight the par four and two of the par five holes and these shots were on the fairway. As well as green in regulation on the three par three holes. Accuracy is always the goal but now the distance is beginning to become regular change in my game. Hitting approach shots to the green from 125 metres or less on ten of the eighteen holes played was a significant advantage. I will add that I played in below avareage physical condition on both days as another guide to the significant improvement in my golfing capability of late. The improvement has been excerbated by an addition to my golf practise regime. The next month will be a defining period in the effectiveness of this recommended tool. Thankyou for your time and attention “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

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