Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hit the Fairways it helps....

9/1/13 Wednesday. After the social hit yesterday stretched out on the couch some time was spent considering the the results and events in the round. For nine holes there were four pars and they all were from greens in regulation on 2 x Par 4's and 2 x Par 3's. Being a social round I was not holding back off the tee and on two par 4 holes in particular I took the short cut across the dogleg. Both times I hit the first ball into the bush. The second balls were all placed perfect, over the dogleg and 50 metres closer to the green than my competition round shot. There was a definite unease when playing the first of the unusual shot choices. Did not set myself up correctly on the tee block etc. only small faults but enough to get off target. The correction and ease of the second shot and accuracy proved the point that my mind not ability is the reason for the fault. For the record both times I hit the greens in regulation from the second ball played. From this it could be said that I managed to par 6 holes. Bogies on the remaining 3 holes in this social round and it is obvious why I was satisfied with the first hit in 2013. The matter which had me still revising this round last night was the importance of hitting the fairway, better described perhaps as accuracy off the tee in my challenge for a single figure handicap this season. Browsing the iseekgolf forum came across another a thread which asked the question of single figure handicappers on what mattered. Five replies included hitting the fairway/accuracy off the tee. This refreshed my mind on the topic. After putting so much effort into coaching, short game practise technique development I realised that all of this has worked well. Yet I rarely practise with the Driver! The big stick has had specific problems in its use by me. Originating from the ever present mva injuries it is only recently that I have been able to take a full swing. This is still such a thrill after 20 years I have to admit even crap shots feel good and I enjoy just being able to do it. Having to now learn how to hit the ball off the tee with a full unrestricted swing is a big step. It is as if I have two game styles, the #3 to putter clubs are all played as a 13 handicapper, the Driver is played as a 27 handicapper. I cannot allow this disparity to continue, it is only an overnight realisation so the first step has been made.It is going to be odd to be out on the range hitting a lot of driver shots in the following weeks. I will have to make a conscious effort to do this and clear my mind of the previous favouritism. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

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