Saturday, January 12, 2013

First competition round for 2013...

12/1/13 Saturday. The desire to play a competition round was soothed today by doing exactly that. Took the trip to Kingston and finished the round at -3 in the Par event. 88 off the stick with 29 putts. The first time in seven rounds I have had less than 30 putts so the practise was a benefit on the greens to begin. Was grouped with two single digit golfers and another on 13 as I am. The three of them are noted long hitters off the tee so my new found driver ability was going to be tested as well. My approach to Par rounds is very different to other competitions, it is one of having fun and going for the gold. No holding back and attacking at all times to try and get + scores on holes. It is a game that I have chosen to accept the challenge and not hold back in going for the wins. This can lead to blow out rounds of course and I am willing to lose when throwing everything at a game to get a result. Off the tee was a revelation in the improvement of this facet of my game. Dear readers I not only matched the big hitters I was longer at times. This alone was worth the day spent on the course. My accuracy faltered at times and even that was not even a concern. Fact is I have never stood up on the tee block in a competition round and on every par four and five hole swung flat out 100% every time. This was all down to the improved fitness and testament was on the final hole a par five into the wind. The tee shot was straight down the centre 230-240m and there was more in the tank and I used it well with the next shot. The putting and short game as well was improved in many aspects. This is early days in 2013 and the round today has been very satisfactory in relation to the practise and training that has been put in. Thankyou for your time and attention "Hit 'em straight all" Geoff

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