Monday, January 14, 2013

Two competition rounds in two days...

13/1/13 Sunday Hack and Slash attempt. It was a lot of fun and this morning I was feeling the effects of playing 36 holes in two days. Not as much as last night when it as lights out at 9.30pm after going to sleep in the lounge chair well before that. It was harder work on the course yesterday with a strong breeze steady all day and gusting during up several knots during the round. A stroke round so every shot counted and I had a lot more than expected. At the end ofthe day though only three more than Saturday with a 91 Gross for a nett 78 with 31 putts. Now for the good news I continued with the hit the tee shots flat out again instead of reigning in the effort to compensate my current lack of match practise. There was plenty of energy left in the tank thanks to the current fitness program. Two rounds in two days after my last competition hit out on the 23rd there had to be a reckoning. The tally of extra shots and penalties began with an out of bounds on the first hole, lost ball on the fourth, ball bounced up into a tree on the fifth for a penalty drop, lost ball on the 12th. 4 penalty strokes added to the score together with having to play three shots as chip outs onto the fairway from under trees on the 13th,17th and 18th holes for a total of 7 extra strokes from inaccurate tee shots. No happy dance at the end of the day with the final tally. I was satisfied with all of my putting except for a three put on the sixteenth. The putting comp on the day was won with 28 and I had 31 not far off the pace. Short game was also a much improved display. Using the 56 degree wedge and pitching wedge at various times doing lob shots and chip and run all with reasonable results. Golf is good when you can get out on a day like yesterday and take the challenge up without recent match play and relying on practise alone. Thankyou for your time and attention. Geoff

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