Thursday, February 28, 2013

Round Two Southern Ports tournament...

Sitting 16th place and in range yesterday and then I fell off the mark on the last hole of each nine in the second round. Went all or nothing again and faltered on those two holes to fail in my charge for a par round or better. A 7 on the par 4, 9th and a 9 (OB with second shot) on the par 5, 18th did the damage. Having 25 putts was a win for the day. One round to go at Beachport and still a chance to make the daily winners list with a better effort. As the saying goes 'bugga' Had my chances and could not quite get there in the end. The tournament is great fun make no doubt. Mine was not the only frustrating round and many were much worse. It was not an easy day and the last four holes were played into a strengthening wind and in the end it was enough to break my concentration. One poor club selection that cost me all of the hard work of the previous 17 holes. Yet it was such great fun throwing everything I had into the effort. Fighting back from the triple bogie on the ninth hole. was a great buzz. The feeling at the end of the round is best described as 'stunned' It did not hurt and the bemusement I was going through was just as apparent on many other golfers faces in the clubhouse. To sum up how this event works is that the winner of the gross yesterday had a 74 off the stick and in the first round scored an 86. Playing off scratch and out of the running for the Gross Championship the golfer has bounced back onto the winners podium. My experience in 2011 was similar could not get over the line all tournament until the 3rd round and claimed a second place on that day. As disappointed as I was afterwards, to have had 25 putts was a great boost. In fact that was the benchmark of my confidence on the day. It was a combination of mental lapses and perhaps a touch of tiredness on the last hole that brought me undone. A days rest on Thursday will rejuvenate the energy level for another charge on Friday. Thankyou for your time and attention, "Hit 'em straight all" Geoff

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