Sunday, March 03, 2013

2013 Southern Ports Golf Week final result...

Saturday 2/3/13 Spent the day resting up after finishing at 11pm running the bar for the Southern Ports Presentations. Dear readers Talart was totally stuffed yesterday. In fact one of the conversations I was in and also heard others having after the last day was a compliment to the Professionals who play 4 day tournaments. As well as the pro am before and for some there is also the qualifying round. Southern Ports Golf Week Now is the time to like the tournament and start planning for coming along in 2014. A week of golf is a big effort and the winners thoroughly deserve the reward. $200-$300 vouchers go a long way to covering the accommodation and travelling expenses. Not to neglect the daily prizes for each round that reward the golfers who play well. This is the first time in four years I have not been in the winners lists at all. Yet I was in the hunt every round and the benefits will be delivered for me in coming weeks. I am thoroughly prepared and in my best condition ever for the coming Golf Open days in the region through March and April just to begin with. Third and final round of Southern Ports tournament on Friday and while I managed a 9th place on the day once again a lost ball shot my challenge down in flames on the day. Golfers luck ,it was just not possible to find the object buried in a small patch of thick grass at the base of a tree. The Beachport course was a tough task for all bar one golfer on the day with a strong ocean wind making every shot hard work. The one golfer who had a good day scored one over par and leapt from 5 strokes behind the leaders to win the A Grade competition. That is one of the great things about playing this competition. You never feel out of the running until the final card is in the scorers hands. The camaraderie among the players is the most enjoyable part of the week. With the competitive nature obviously there for al,l the social aspect of playing with people you have never met and enjoying the common passion of golf is sensational. As disappointed as I am with my scores and results on the last day. It was a miss by very little to have made the winners list in the final round. Yet my congratulations for the winner and all others was sincere and genuine.. The sacrifice and effort to get away to play golf for a week is no small thing. Then you have to get up and play on a new course every second day for a week as well as enjoy the many social events that occur. 350 plus golfers do find a lot of time to socialise off course and that can be very tiring. That is the subtle way to describe the party atmosphere which does take a toll on some golfers stamina. For me it was all done with ease and only 51 weeks to go before I tee up again in 2014 for another crack at the title. Today is a joint competition day with Kingston and Beachport golfers coming to play at Robe. There is going to be a lot of recounting of the week experiences as golfers love to do when they have shared the experience and are all looking for a little more that may make next year a better one. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Final results - A Grade winner Men - Graham Rentsch [Hamilton] 226, R/up- Ben Slack [Echunga] 229 Nett winner - Greg Holcombe [Heywood] 216, R/up - Mark Davies [Naracoorte ] 218 Veteran Kevin Etherton [Casterton] 220 B Grade Men- Peter Wells [Blackwood] 265, R/Up - Graham Young [Flagstaff Hill] 272 Nett winner - Bill Quinlan-Watson [Robe 218, R/up - Ben Schaefer [Kingston] 220 Veteran - Bill Quinlan Watson C Grade Men - Jim Pegler [Beachport] 112 st.pts, 2nd - Allan Webster [Beachport] 102 c/b 3rd - Tim Mort [Robe] 102, 4th - Scott Fennell [Robe] 101 Veteran - Allan Webster [Beachport] c/b Tim Mort A Grade Ladies Winner - Elizabeth Saint [ Millicent - Play-off with Lyn Pascoe] 245, R/Up Juliet Hugo [RAGC} 248 Nett Winner - Lyn Pascoe [Thaxted Park] 215, R/up - Robyn Walters [Beachport] 225 Veteran - Kay Rasheed [Kingston] 227 B Grade Ladies winner - Mayette Briggs [Naracoorte] 282, R/up - Sandra Munn [Naracoorte] 291 Nett Winner - Robin DeClifford [Kew] 227, R/up -Pam Symonds [Kingston] 228 Veteran - Lyn Kiddey [Thaxted Park] 229 C Grade Ladies Div.1 Winner - Jan Green [Beachport] 108 pts , 2nd - Felicity Miles [Naracoorte] 103 Div.2 Winner - Jenni Brown {RAGC] 96 pts, 2nd - Susan Hunt [RAGC] 94 Veteran - Jan Green Geoff

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