Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The little things make the golf better...

Wednesday 24/4/13 Survived a dental visit today and took sometime to be able to get out and hit some balls. Not very energised to begin and kept to a casual walk over 5 holes exploring the swing changes. Effectively with the consistent standard I have now it is all about getting accuracy for GIR results from 150m into 100m. I have not been practising this enough of late, business is booming and interfering with golfing. Not a total tool though and do put the career before the golfing. Even so there is some fine tuning to be effected before I start hitting lots of balls. It is a very simple set up change when addressing the ball. Opening the face of the irons a little to prevent the damage from pulled approach shots. Not certain how this fault got established initially. I will guess that is may be a part of playing with too small grips for so long. Now that has been rectified the closed face is glaringly obvious. Making the slight adjustment in opening the face and swinging to the target has the ball on target and that is the goal. The Driver topic has still not run its course yet in my game. Happy enough with the R5 and the M Flex shaft. Going to keep my eye out and perhaps pick up an R9 with a suitable shaft. Not a must get piece of equipment at the minute as I am still improving off the tee technique wise for a few more weeks. Thankyou for your Time and Attention Hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball , Geoff

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