Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No Way; Swing Faster and hit longer...!

Saturday and back on a golf course and a bit of improvement in a game at last with an 89 gross 74 nett. The week of helped a little and a very weird and unexpected discovery yesterday playing in the 9 hole chicken run. A mate had asked me to sell some Cobra S3 forged S300 shafted irons. His work has him travelling a lot so he changed to Cobra AMP's to counter the lack of playing time he is getting to get form with them. The Chicken Run is fun and I decided to have a wack with the Cobras, great looking sticks and endure my lack of ability to use S300 shafts. Have regular flex in my irons and hybrids. Well it seems that the last few months of exercise and training has more than made it necessary to go back to stiff flex in my Driver. I hit the ball excellently with the Cobras and a lot of the problems with my recent iron use disappeared. Hence today I put the Cobra irons in the bag for the round at Kingston and this time had 18 good holes of golfing. So Friday has been a bloody expensive 9 holes as the Cobras will not even get a look in on ebay. Staying in my bag instead. Thankyou for your time and attention hit the ball find the ball hit the ball Geoff

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