Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back in form at last...

Sunday 22/9/13 A good nights sleep and ready to play another 18 in today's home club comp. Finished in a credible 7th place in field of 34 at Kingston SE yesterday, it was good to have a but of form return in my game. The realisation that part of my form drop had been caused by equipment no longer suitable to my golfing is still a surprise. Facts; Playing golf regularly since 2009, have got down to 12 handicap and blown out to 15 in the last two months of winter golfing. Fitness, using the Dream Swing trainer, health and golf swing are at their best in a long time. Changed from regular flex driver shaft to stiff approx 4-6 weeks ago. Have been using regular flex iron shafts since 2011. There are three video links in this post of my golf swing in 2010, 2012 and September 2013. GOLF SWING 30 march 2010 Recently a mate actually got fitted by our club Pro after I suggested to do this instead of getting the clubs he wanted online. He did this and I could have been knocked over with a feather when he said he needed to get stiff flex shafts in his new Irons! This guy have extra stiff driver shaft (Ping G20) hits a 260-280m drive easily. His iron shots are all over the place and it made no sense until I found out he was using regular flex shafts. In my favour is that this has been what my game was doing. The control accuracy of iron shots had gone to pieces of late and made no sense to me why. 2012 Last Golf Range session By chance it has been shown that I have picked up a lot of swing speed and need stiff flex shafts myself now. The Cobra Forged S3 irons are great and I have not budgeted $300-$400 for another iron set this year. Fortunately in my shed is a set of old S300 shafts and a set of Nike Stiff Flex graphite shafts fitted to and old set of Keith Knox blades. Took that sets 5 iron to the range this morning and used it in tandem with the Cobra 5 iron. Hit it a little shorter but this time it felt great where as before it damn near broke my hands when using them. So may be able to save by fitting the NIKE shafts to my AP2 irons in the meantime while waiting to regrip the old S300 shafts and see how they perform. Golf Practise September 2013 Either way greatly increased swing speed was the last thing I was expecting. Even though the Dream Swing hand book does say that this will happen I discounted that as a possibility for a porky 50 year old bloke. Still it is great to have the power to go with improved swing technique and ability. In the space of three days I have gone from reconciling myself to having peaked as a golfer to rejuvenated and on the move down again. It has been 6 months of training with the Dream Swing combined with the Strand pulling exerciser routines that have made this happen. The swing improvement is well recognised by myself the increased swing speed though has rocked my entire game plan foundation. Now is another period of major golf game reconstruction for me. Thankyou for your time and attention hit the ball find the ball hit the ball Geoff

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