Sunday, October 06, 2013

Al Square Par round success...

Took the trip to Kingston yesterday and played in their Par round. Was short of time leaving Robe later than usual and had no warm up chip and putt. Was not concerned as the goal was to have some fun and still explore the adaptation to the improved golf game that I have developed. finishing all square to end the round was a very good result given my recent results over eighteen holes. Not having a practise putt and warm up hit did influence the result yet was of no concern seeing that I played well enough to be square at the end of the round. It was unusual in one respect that the Kingston greens were significantly slower that I am accustomed to. this caused several putts to fall short of the hole. Frustrating when putts were 2-3 rolls off falling into the cup. Still not perturbed about the matter. It does show the importance of having a warm up before playing is to my game. The other problem was with the wedge to the green from 100 meters in to the green. It was a confidence issue for some reason I shanked the first shot top the right and after that was rattled every time I was setting up to play the next shot. This morning I am heading out for another warm up definitely before playing today. With the improved game ability that has developed in the past season. Yesterday was a day while playing well I could truly engross myself in the changed game I play. Off the tee is no real problem with the accuracy, distance and comfort. The problem has been the second and third shots (on par five holes) Adjusted to the need to play 2 clubs shorter for many of these shots now, Using a seven instead of a five iron has been a big change. The other adjustment was mental from being 20 to 30 metres closer to the green off the tee. Instead of enjoying the achievement I was choking on the expectation placed on myself to hit the green, as well as trying to pick the correct club. Fresh start today, a stroke round and the October Monthly Medal round looking forward to the experience and building on the growing comfort in the still new golf game I play. Thankyou for your time and attention hit the ball find the ball hit the ball Geoff

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