Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Back to the future...

Managed to get out and hit 30 balls yesterday with the five iron and work on getting comfortable with the new-found improvements. How much of an impact is the increased swing speed having on my game can be typified by an example from Sundays Stableford round. Travelling easily 7 points after five holes just enjoying the round in good weather. Sixth hole hit a comfortable drive from the tee, 150 m from the green. Either 5 iron or hybrid easy hit grabbed the hybrid swung easy as and watched the ball sail over the green into the bush! WTF must be a fluke I know this distance and swing needed in my sleep. Reload same club easy swing POW! Even sweeter hit, flew over green and bush to be found on adjacent fairway. Just one of several occurrences in Sundays round that ended with 29 points. Not playing crap just out of my long established comfort zone. Which not surprisingly is a lot of fun. Honestly the pleasure of being able to do something that was never considered attainable is great. Yet in all truth it is virtually taking me back three seasons in my golfing, playing to 20-25 handicap because I have no idea what the ball is going to do. . Here is the upbeat point, I can go back into my golf blogs/diary to then and renew what I did to take the next steps to playing down to the 11-12 handicap figure again. Instead of battling away trying to recapture form it is simply follow the same path that worked so well before that was recorded in my posts. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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