Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Acupuncture another golfing tool...

Satisfied with the chiropractor treatment yesterday, also had my first acupuncture session. Interesting practise and I understood the simple logic explaining how it works. Have an 8 day wait for the doctors appointment to have the cause of the recurring thigh/groin strain injury. One of the realities of country living is the shortage of doctors for non urgent appointments. At least the process has began and I am sure the answer will be revealed in time. Spent an hour working on the short game 25-30 meter shots to the green and putting. Particularly happy with the improved chipping from in close and getting out towards the 50 meter distance. Again the GIR improvement was circumvented with the physical failing on Saturday. Which has a bearing on my high level of frustration, front nine Saturday 4 GIR back nine, 1 GIR. I just could not play the shots once the groin went. Was concentrating on not adding to the pain, instead of the focus being on hitting the ball freely to the target. Yesterday it felt good hitting balls on the practise area, that is something which is part of he pleasure in golfing. I look back over my videos since 2009 and remember how hard it was to hit the ball let alone hit it well and consistent. That pure sweet easy swing is part of the enjoyment of hitting a ball and seeing it land on target. These days that is one of the things that has me looking forward to getting out on the range. There is only trepidation when I know that there is going to be another bout of pain and restriction during a round that saps away some of my golf fun Thank you for your time and attention, Hit the ball, find the ball, Hit it again. , Geoff

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