Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Good Form, Average Form, Winning Form...

Finally some golftime, thought it would never happen the way this week has panned out. Sunday's competition was a stroke round and I finished with a Nett 74 not a great round and not a disaster at all. three x triple putts and a couple of other misses from 1 to 1.5 metres added 5 strokes to the round. I would like to say I was disapointed yet that is a lie, it was an enjoyable hit out. Except for an out of bounds on the 15th hole no penalty errors affected the score card. I was more focussed on how the shoulder and hamstring stood up to the 18 holes of golf. Which accounts for some of the poor putting. The driver and fairway shots werre acceptable and the tee shots with the driver were given a bit of a distance boost compared to my usual standard, 220m plus was the accepted reach all day. This was worked on today at the Drummond Golf Mile End range. Head down and mind focussed on taking the mishits and short drives out of my game play. It was a gradual progression through the practise with 60 balls finishing with the final 10 all straight and true soaring over or just to the left or right the 200 m marker landing 15-20 m past it. As regular readers of my annual game threads since 2009 will know long off the tee and in general has not been a feature of my game. Since returning from the shoulder injury it is begining to be a consistent driver aspect on the course for my golfing. Finally have some metres in the tank to use in competition. GIR once again, third competition round in succession = 16.7%. Mind you there were 4-5 shots that were sitting on the fringe of the green. This is not a failing in total still a work in progress. The putting on the other hand was a fail. Ended up buying a new putter today a Dynacast Force II with the larger Kraytal grip after a long work out on the putting area. It is a lighter and better balanced putter than the older 1 and a 1/2 ball Dynacast used on Sunday. Have put the Odessy away for a few week whle I regain some form on the greens using the 2 ball mallet style. Do this a few times each season so nothing unusual about the change in stick. Did have a few hits on the range with the PowerBilt Airforce 1 irons. That was a fun trial as I carry the Airforce 1 Driver and it is working well. The irons had very good (longer) distance and good accuracy and feel also. Regular flex I noted as well compared to the stiff flex Cobra S3 in the bag at the minute. So it was a full golfing fix for me and making sure that I get a good range work out on returning to Robe tomorrow is a must for the coming weekend rounds. All of this is preparation for the Masters Games at Naracoorte commencing 4th April and tuning for the coming Club Championships. Thanbkyou for yourtime and attention, Hit the ball, find the ball, Hit it again. Geoff

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