Monday, December 22, 2014

A golf game returning to good form...

Had a good amount of time to reflect over yesterdays round and the result. To finish tied 3rd and to be 4th on a countback (34 points) was fun. This is the important difference between now and the 'competition golf' season. I missed two easy putts on the 17th and 18th (which if dropped would have claimed 2nd spot) and did not care at the time. The guy who beat me for third had a bigger reaction to the missed putts, we played in the same group. I still am not bothered by the loss and simply happy to have played a decent round of golf. Today there is a few twinges in the shoulder, that is the concern. This is still my recovery period and the result is far down the list in what matters in golf to me at the minute. I hit the ball well off the tee to the green and the errors on the day were in essence no more than six strokes from drives, shots to the green, chips and putts. Combined with a bit if tiring towards the end, quite simply it was an easy round of golf and the exact representation of my current standard. Today there was a brief though to go out and hit some balls, perhaps play a couple of holes or six, even some chipping practise. All declined after the conversation in my head, in favour of the 'less is more' mind set and let the sore spots recover. The chipping errors were not bad, it was the fact that I can now get back spin and stop the ball on the green. Which means I have to start pitching the ball closer to the pin now and the transition from pitching short and running the ball to the hole is still entrenched mentally. Two drives off the fairway added a couple of extra strokes to those holes. One tee shot with a five iron was short into the wind and dropped into a water hazard. Again a mental fault, usually hit a 7 iron and pulled up the stroke with a mental block unable to accept the wind needed a full 5 iron. So here I sit in losers paradise and not at all bothered. My golf is returning to a better standard than what is was before. and once again it is on to the goal of single digit handicap in 2015. Thankyou for your time and attention Geoff

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