Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sun Fun and Golf...

Sensational day weather wise. No reasons for not golfing can possibly come up so it is an afternoon of wak fuk for me. Had a fun hit in the Friday Chicken run playing off 5 hcp after winning the chicken last week. Not at all disappointed to have reached that level over nine hols in 2014, half what my GA Handicap is. It changes back to the GA Handicap next week and sadly I did not manage to play to it on Friday. Yes dear readers I went hell for leather to try and do it though. The driver was off target too often on three holes with lost balls and that was no major problem. Simply a little stiff after the week of treatments. Did not hold back and apart from three wipes, still scored a credible 11 points. Got out yesterday and did some range hitting working on the irons, which are going well. The driver still a little crap with a tendency to hit across the ball too often and slice. Not that bad of a slice in essence except my game is badly affected by inaccurate drives, would be fine if playing off 16-18 handicap. A warm up session this morning should sort it out though and then it is all down to if I can last 18 holes yet. Have also been working on my chipping a lot lately. Practicing hitting the ball so it has back spin and stops on the green near the pin instead of running past too far. Which is why today will be Wak Fuk golf, my game is being redone and the transition period is now. Great fun to play as long as I do not expect to win. Thankyou for your time and attention , Geoff

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