Sunday, March 22, 2015

Your Golf form needs a plan...

It is an odd experience knowing that I play to win, yet accept the current 'also ran' results so easily. The comfort does sit a little awkwardly at times, usually in the first hour or so after another close finish just outside of claiming some winners chocolates. At the minute my golf is being played at maximum capability and working towards maximum ability. Yesterday with an 86 off the stick and triple times 3 putts causing the pain. There was more than that in the lead up to the putting. Particularly the short fall in hitting the greens all day with 80% of the misses literally dropping 5 metre or less in front of the green. Off the tee though last weeks inaccuracy was blown away into the ether. Nothing major was required to correct this and the 'fix' was started last week, all I had to do was lift the shaft up and stand a little straighter. The ease of the fix was proven from the lack of needing to practise this during the week. The concentration on chipping and putting was well worthwhile. I do need to put in a concerted effort on the 100-150 metres shots again. This is where the quandary comes into my golfing preparation, I am not wavering from the 'less is more' commitment. Fitness is the more effective consideration, dropping off the 6 kilos gained since October is the more important golfing requirement. The putting fault is increased with the lower fitness, as is the greens being missed. Why I am not concerned, I am following a specific preparation plan. One that has me in best fitness and golfing capability when playoff rounds for Championships and seasonal trophies are required. This has come from way to much time, (Not), being spent analysing professional golfers interviews and articles on the senior tours especially. It is not humanly possible for me to play 100% all the time. Nor do I want those horrendous blowout rounds as happened at Naracoorte after playing three good and consistent rounds in Southern Ports in a week. Then going to play one more round and finding there was nothing in the tank. At the minute I can happily play along, competitive and still noting the failings without concern. In fact this is another incarnation of the 'Percentage Golf' I played when on a 20 + handicap. Today is the first championships qualifying round, monthly medal and first round of a seasonal trophy at my home club. This is totally different to playing in the competition at another club yesterday. Now 'Valued Chocolates' are on the table and the game goes up a step or three to win. Thankyou for your time and attention Geoff

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