Thursday, April 02, 2015

2015 Masters Games golfing success...

"Winners are Grinners" bling from the Clare Sth Australia Masters Games on the weekend. Gold won on Sunday for best Nett in 45-54 yr section and Silver for best Nett over two days of the stroke round Tournament.
Every bit of effort put into practice this season is showing its value in golf competitions. There is absolute comfort when throwing everything at getting the best score possible in a round. Matched with the confidence and capability in getting the best out of my golfing game. The odd facet is the analytically focused attitude in playing competitions, which is not affected by the social conviviality that I thoroughly enjoy and does not affect my game. Saturday in the masters round with a couple of blow out holes, I was still only three behind second and five shots behind the leader in the nett. On Sunday with double bogies on the first two holes it was no problem in making up the shots. Even so I was not aware that I was going so well. Aware of my score, yet it was barely registering in the all out attack of my game. Yes, I can play better, not at the minute though. The progress is coming as desired in the future and the weekly results are the proof that supports the goal. How much is possible is not confirmed all can do is continue and see what is delivered. Practice is an exercise that us golfers do to improve. For me only competition results are the only defining core that shows progress or failure. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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