Sunday, July 12, 2015

Winter golf tough conditions, good for your golf...

The grand total of 24 points had me in 4th place. Only 8 ofthe 18 in the field finished the day Lightning it was on the tough side of hard, well worth the effort. A crap score in tough conditions and all I got out of the round was bonuses. The swing settled into the improved groove from the past weeks practise. Putter was on target and the ball went in the hole as I wanted. The game problem was once again not used to playing confidently with the improve capability. It feels strange to be saying this, it has been the problem that has been apparent for several weeks. Usually I pick up a golfing game point and work on it. This is a mental matter though and takes a lot more attention. All it causes is me 'pulling' shots. Not hitting through the ball and finishing the swing correctly. Incredibly irritating on game days as I lack the concentration coherence to do this well at the minute. Time is not the issue and for many there is that self imposed need to get results fast. My approach is not down that path. All that is needed is getting the result right an that takes patience. Today there is more clarity and a better capability to not make the same amount of the same error in the competition this afternoon. Thankyou for your time and attention Geoff

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