Thursday, August 06, 2015

Fitter, stronger, better...

The past fortnights and more of golfing have been fun yet the scores terrible and rounds tiring. A combination of winter weather, adjusting to the new swing and fitness were the cause. Not a single moment of not enjoying being out in the weather, a times a struggle to stay upright in the winds. My game could not maintain consistency in these conditions. That was accepted by me very quickly and I still got out and kept playing as this is the only way to adjust to the changes. Importantly the fitness issue was identified early by myself and in the past two weeks that has countered a lot of the issue with struggling to play with the changed swing. Never would I have expected to make a note of my game in the same light as Tiger Woods. yet today I am. In the past week I came across an article on Tigers game and his swing changes. My changes began a few months ago and still I am struggling to play consistently and not fall back to the previous less effective and efficient swing. There are regular moments of erratic golf which astound me in past weeks while playing. Hitting several irons consistently and well and then hitting the same club so well it flies another 20 metres over a green. This eats away at confidence and has been a major influence on recent very poor scores. Again the weather has made it difficult to get out on the course practise area and hit balls and that has contributed a lot to the struggle. Then the fitness, it is not one thing which makes playing golf entertaining, and engrossing. The regular walking each morning had been a good thing, the omission of my regular strengthening exercises was not even noted. Until I started doing them again and the difference in my game play was literally immediate. Straight away my chipping returned to the previous accurate effectiveness around the green. The consistency with the full swing also had an immediate improvement. Doing strength building exercises makes it possible for my arms and body to maintain the new movement and body actions. Thankyou for your time and attention Geoff

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