Monday, May 01, 2006

Mine Antarctica

Penguins Pissed Off - only have little legs how do we get outa the holes?
Barnaby Joyce, Queensland National Party MP has suggested mining Antarctica's resources. Let's be fair the guy is a politician so making a few fuktard comments is a part of his job.


Anonymous said...

suggesting Australia mine Antarctica is a pretty big "fuktard comment"

But as my Dad once said... "You don't have to have a long neck to be a goose."

Ms Smack said...

I love Antartica and penguins. I hope they dont mine that area and am wondering.. isnt it a protected area anyways?

thanks for stopping by my blog.

Benedict 16th said...

C'mon! we gotta exploit the Antartic, before Bin Laden and the cloth heads do!!!!!
(isn't that the excuse GWB used to open the Northern frontier to exploration?)


Geoff said...

Thanks Anon,Honeysmack and Benedict for dropping in and having a say.
Which is why having a goose for Xmas is so important, yes, it is protected, but so are Harp seals in the 'off season' and I have a great idea for the Antarctic, an ICYPOLE Factory. All we have to do is get the sticks there.