Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unexpected purchase of a new iron set...

23/2/12 Thursday. Went into the CBD and got the work side of the trip out of the way early this morning in Adelaide. This was to beat the heat as it was going to get into the low 30's which for us country dwellers on the Limestone Coast is a little uncomfortable in a cityscape.

Then as many golfers do I went for an amble through golf stores on the way to the Drummond range on Tapleys Hill Road. Dropped into the Golf Locker on South Road a clearance warehouse style store which is being revamped at the minute. This has been a good place for getting the bargain priced clubs that I have been experimenting with over the years. Had decided to get a wedge to use around the green and replace the SW that has been the tool used for that job. Last trip I also noticed several Bridgestone J36 irons in the clearance bins and was going to see how many remained. The j33 set I sold in 2011 I really enjoyed using but stiff flex shafts and the new groove rules made them redundant in my bag.

This was changed when I saw a j36 #3-PW combo set on sale as an opening/renovation special. Had no intention of buying a new set but for $175 and they were the right length and shaft flex it was a good deal, together with $28 for a 56 degree wedge. Not the perfect configuration with the mix of blades and cavity back irons but good enough for me. So ended up at the driving range the #3 wood and #2 Hybrid left in the car and putting the irons through their paces.

The new wedge was excellent, great feel and the right loft. Same with the j36 PW to #7 irons, very good distance and accuracy. In the heat and tiring a little my use with the #3 - #6 irons was more ragged than I wanted. Nothing particularly wrong, it was not my prefered way to practise nothing more. I had to rush a little to keep to my schedule and that is not the way to practise.

Again that trait of mine to use a variety of irons in my weekly practise has been an assistance. I have no concerns about not using my 'regular' set when it comes to playing a round of golf. With my recent return to form with injury improvement I intend to put these irons through their paces on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If I am satisfied with my ability to get the distances right with them I can decide on the AP2 or Bridgestone j36 set for Mondays opening tournament round.

The following quote is taken from another golfers diary/thread at iseekgolf and this sums up golf for some,, not all of us. I am in the serious catagory. The practise, the coaching, the looking at equipment, all has a part in the purpose of getting better at the game. I do it my way just as many others do. The commitment is not for the light hearted and there are sacrifices which have to be made.

“I can tell you that some of us are on here taking this all super seriously, guys like myself (and many others) have a goal and come hell or high water we are chasing it like there is no tomorrow.”

The last three months have been worth every bit of the sweat, pain and dollars spent. Winning is the goal and nobody is going to let me or any other golfer win without trying their best to come first. Thankyou for your time and attention, "Hit 'em straight all" Geoff

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