Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tournament starts tomorrow...

26/2/12 Sunday. Southern Ports Golf week is underway with the various Pinehurst foursome events on Saturday at Beachport and Robe and today at Kingston SE. These rounds are more relaxed and give visitors the opportunity to play the courses before the various grade competitions begin on Monday. The heat on Saturday took a toll on the various fields with 32 degrees and humid conditions not all that pleasant. Today the humidity remained, as the day progressed the temperature became cooler there was only a smattering of rain drops. It certainly did not reach the predicted 35 C.

Monday the Kingston SE weather is cooler still 16-23 degrees and 1-5mm of rain. 14 to 22 kmph wind speed is nothing difficult to play in either. Being aware of the weather conditions is not usually a consideration to my playing golf or not. With a three day tournament I have to pace myself, hence today I played a morning 9 holes and then spent the day doing practise sessions on the short game, putting and a selection of long and short irons. First off tomorrow will be restocking the bar and having it all ready for the volunteers to man for the C grade Women and Mens events at Robe. Then having a warm up session prior to driving the 42 km to play.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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