Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - Another day, more excersise does it work?

Had a day off the course as is typical for Monday, enjoy having a day of deliberately avoiding golf, it is refreshing and the best way to start the week after Sunday comp. play. Okay I do still think about the game and plan the coming week activity depending on what competition is coming up and of course my real world commitments. Hey, I am obsessed not totally wacky-banana-looped about golfing. There are a few benefits to my other life that have benefited from golfing though that cannot be ignored. even my Girlfriend has admitted that me playing golf is a good thing.

First and foremost is physical fitness, I never enjoyed ‘training’ much for any sport, the skills development works were always fun but the running laps, situps etc just made a sport seem like and effort too far. Yet for some reason I have never found golf to be intrusive when it comes to the fitness side of training. There are a couple of improvements i have noticed with my battered body since starting to play again in May 2009. The most obvious recent one was three weeks ago hopping on the pushbike and how easy it was after 6 months of not riding it to pedal up the hills around home. Walking around golf courses regularly for 9 months has been the reason for that. I don’t jog, next time you see a jogger travelling along just look at how uncomfortable they look! I like excercise that feels good if it make me look like I have constipation and trying to take a crap the size of a watermelon that is not comfortable. Forget that adage; “No Pain, No Gain” having survived a car accident. in the 1980’s and endured some intense pain on the path to recovery, today I happily kick people who say that as hard as possible in the groin. No need to thank me, I am just pleased to help you :)

No doubt golf has helped me take the last few steps in quitting smoking again. Never been a fulltime smoker, nor drinker of alcohol. Going teetotal for months even years in the past, apart from socialising after golf, I rarely drink alcohol apart from going out to dinners or parties these days. Smoking is one of those ‘excess in moderation’ things that unfortunately involves a physical addiction. Stopping is hard yet this time will most likely be the end of the habit. Having totally lost interest in the activity, it is as enjoyable as jogging to me so why bother doing it.

I don’t go to a gym, and my weights and bench press have all been tossed. I use two physical excercise tools to develop stamina more than strength. Even though they are one and the same in essence in this case. I have been using a chest expander and also a pair of spring hand grips since 2009. Both of these have given me assistance in my golfing as was intended. All I wanted was the stamina/strength to be able to play 18 holes consistently and I no longer have that lack of physical ability to maintain my optimum ability during the closing stages of 18 holes. Both pieces of equipment are easy to pack when travelling and it takes no more than 15-20 minutes in 5 min increments during the day to complete the repetitions. I don’t do a lot in fact. up to 150 hand grip squeezes/day (started with doing 30). Chest expander started with two springs and 25/day now 3 springs and 120 + per day. Best of all you do not have to do this religiously every day, Having a week or two of not doing it is no problem. I just have a routine that allows me to do thin and if I have a particular tournament or game coming start again a week or two before and am in fine form on the day when needed.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “hit ‘em straight all”

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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