Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - Consistently making the wrong shot not the right one

17th May 2010 Maintaining my consistent efforts in competition is becoming a bad habit at the minute. Once again a blow out on one hole (11th) and an Out of bounds on the last hole after having played myself back to one over my handicap was a disappointing end to a great day on the course. Irritated at myself and playing the drive that went OB when I should have walked away from the tee due to outside noise distraction. At the time I was on a roll hitting the ball well and totally on my game, set myself for the drive, focussed on finishing even with my handicap for the 18. Then it started, the squeaking wheels of a buggy on the next fairway. It was a crescendo of screeching squeaks and I still played my shot when common sense dictated walking away from the tee until the noise stopped. No matter it shows that my mental attitude is still not right in competition and I can wear that more improvement is needed.

Played with a totally new club configuration in the bag; Cobra driver and the two rescue clubs then my Irons #3, #9, PW SW were all the Ping Karsten style irons, #4,#5,#6,#7,#8, were all Ben Hogan Power Thruster blades The cavity Back SHARK XLT’s which have done a sterling job as my club since June 2009 are being replaced. First it will be with the PING lookalike, after I have changed the shafts this week to longer ones, same as are in the Sharks. Not as forgiving and as with older clubs the loft is higher than current clubs, due to manufacturers decreasing club lofts in recent years. This did cause a few problems with under clubbing on Sunday, my short game was a little off a few times so making two putts max on all the greens was earnt on the day. Finished with a total of 32 putts out of a Gross 94 and nett 73 not the best of rounds but given the changes to my game and equipment at the minute I am still on track to reach the mid teens in my handicap this year.

Be seeing the club pro for lessons soon, his coaching with the use of the driver, and my short game + putting has been crucial to my current game. Now it is time to work on my long and mid distance irons. I am an average player and not over stated in my real ability to be able to pick up and rectify my errors. The club pro does a great job for me in this aspect, my game would be stagnant if I did not take the lessons.

Hit ‘em straight at.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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