Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - Strategy and another injury flare up...

April 9th 2010. Bugger again!!! Getting organised to go for a practise on the range after having a decent hit yesterday playing 14 social holes and getting some rythym and feel for my improved swing. Moving the body correctly developing a very consistent draw with the hybrids and longer irons. 8 – PW nice and straight into the greens from 120 metres out. Have even started to get the new putter on track, have got myself a mallett style putter similar styl to the Odesssy 2 ball. it is more sensitive with the ball striking and direction and the preciseness of this appeals to me. Will still use the Dunlop Vista 4 putter, I am very accurate with this in fact. The only major difference with the mallet putter is getting the distance on long putts 8m plus. Tucking my elbows in today has improved this.

Made a strategy desicion as well today am going to shelve the Cobra Driver for a couple of weeks until I can get its back into a good accuracy rate around 85-90% fairways again. Concentrate on irons only as I did very successfully last season but with the addition of the 16 and 18 degree hybrids will be better and put in a good defence of my Handicap Club Championship from 2009.

Yes back where I began, another flaming back spasm mid morning!! two in 10 days and mightly irritated. Painfull but temporary a day laid up and recomended treatment ice and walking does the job. Not a major concern I have had much worse pain and again it is another MVA related matter. even so it is a good thing. This is the last of my many injuries to be got back into good condition and the flare up is caused by the excersises being don to strengthen the area. In 4-5 months I should be back to better than I have for a very long time.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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