Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - training made easy with technology

I am a “scrooge”, not really it is just that when it comes to golf except for equipment purchases, membership and entry fees and social spending I avoid spending any money. I also am very self reliant when it comes to making things happen and getting something done. Golf has made me make changes in this area since starting again. The first time I realised that my way was not 100% right was the realisation that Technology has made the game very different since my first foray onto the course. Way back in the last century (haahahah) I started with using Top Flites then as I improved used Optima as my preferred competition ball. I now have a bag full of Top Flights as range/practise balls and use Taylor Made’s LDP Burners as comp balls. Softer and better distance to strike from the tee and fairways and a better feel on the putting surface for me at least.

Using equipment from my career in golf is a bonus and the filming of my swing and putting etc has been a great asset. If you have access to a digital camera or can even set up your phone to film yourself do it. I have filmed myself every three months and the value to my improvement and confidence from this is realised with my current games status and having dropped ten strokes in less than 8 months. A common answer from other golfers when this topic is brought up is presumably from a sense of modesty. “I do not want to shatter my confidence seeing how bad I swing a club.” In fact it is seeing how much you do right that makes it easier to see how little needs to be changed and improve your swing from making these videos.

Clubs are a totally new category these days, metal, carbon, graphite shafts. titanium, stainless steel, hybrid, alloy heads, grips of every fabric and style… I think the point is made with that. Making the choice is up to you and the professional/golf technician who fits you with the sticks. Lastly but no means least is lessons with club/golf pros. Absolutely recommended, it seems at the time to be spending money on ‘nothing’ except words and then having to do all the work to get the result directed to you. Follow the instructions though and reap the rewards with a better game is all I can say from my own experience.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “hit ‘em straight all”
Link to Swing Video below;

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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