Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - not all games are fun

Play Your Best Golf - Break 90 Vol 1
May 30 2010  Gotta love the rain when it is blowing sideways into your face on the golf course, well you do when it does not last for too long. A couple of holes had the rain fall down and it is the first time this season that winter conditions had to be played in. Which for our local course that means welcoming the wind off the Southern Ocean. One very surprised golfer here, instead of having my shots blow all over the course I was instead treated to shots going where the aim was. It was amazing to be hitting the ball and not being at the whim of the weather. Do single figure handicappers get the same thrill of a shot going to the spot it was aimed to? I reckon they do it is just not mixed up with the thrill and shock surprise of playing such a sweet shot. On the last hole my second was onto the green in regulation. Hitting into the wind it was the final proof that the reshafted clubs have the right setup.

Even started to get the distances right in club selection across the gamut of all my irons. Particularly the approach irons 8-W, and the feel with the 7 iron in playing pitch and run was spot on. Driver was right on the mark today as well into the wind, with the wind and cross wind nothing went wrong, a little wayward and a few difficult second shots which did not help my score. Speaking of which, I admit to having the most uninspiring competition round ever today. The competition was a Modified Stableford and to be honest a total waste of my time and I found it as interesting as watching grass grow. (which answers to the score of myself and the two others in my group) We did not even bother to tally it up as the round progressed. Put our cards in and let the captain figure it out, the fact that cards were printed up for each player to carry during the round showing how to score in this type of comp. sums up its relevance.

This is how you score in Modified Stableford Nett Albatross (3 under par) = 8 points, Nett Eagle (2 under par) or better = 5 pts. Nett Birdie (1 under par) = 2 pts. Nett Par = 0 pts Nett Bogie (1 over Par) = -1 pt and Nett Double Bogie (2 over par) or worse = -3 pts. I really cannot be bothered having to deal with this sort of scoring in a game. It may be fun and a challenge to match the scores but the size of the field 5 players (Pennants took a lot out and the weather conditions) speaks for the interest in this sort of competition as well. Perhaps I could have been more interested and made the effort to track my score and use it to have a good game focus. But I didn’t and know for a fact that next time this event is in the program I will be a non starter. My final score was -10 the only thing I did do was play out every hole and so a 104 off the stick was my total and two others had the same gross as well. As much as I enjoyed playing some good shots my lack of interest in scoring had me play several half hearted pitches, 5-6 poor second shots that added up to the bad total and I still could not care. In summary of the result and days play “Big deal, never again”. Mind you the group had a great time playing the 18 and had a lot of good laughs. Thankyou for your time and attention, Hit ‘em straight all.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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