Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - First Edwards Trophy round, at Blue Lake Golf Course

April 6th 2010. Been a couple of days since the trip to the BLUE LAKE golf course and playing in the Edwards Trophy round. Not the best I could do with a 46 on the front 9 and a 53 on the back 9 for a nett 76. Ended up 6 over and the back 9 obviously was my downfall. Two totally different 9’s for those that have never played there the front 9 is on the flat and the back 9 is up among the tree line on the heights. Bugger the course changing and me not switching on to the need to alter my game. had three, 3 putts and a couple of fat seconds on the fairways and there is 5 shots that should not have happened and added extras to my score. Hence, I am not too gutted by the result and being the first time I have been there it was a battle without being familiar where the greens were and best way to approach them. also the greens were a challenge a little more pace, that I had no problem with. A lot more borrow on the greens and that really did make putting a challenge for me, with only 3 cock ups out of 18 greens was not to disapointed. Did not have the usual confidence to play short pitches onto the greens as I do on my home course the ball would not sit for me. Should have played at least 4 more pitches onto greens instead of playing the putter from the surrounds in retrospect that was a strategic error I made in the round that cost me in the end. Not to make excuses and to give a bit more facts to why I was not too disappointed with the result was that during the week I spend two days imobilisd with a back spasm that came from nowhere. Stuck in a chair or flat on my back for the first day, standing and moving was flaming agony, the second day was able to walk short distances. with the odd twinge and as stiff as a board. Knew it would only be a two day bout from the start but it stuffed up my preparation.

Have already started planning a return to the course for another round. The 3 fella’s I played with from the club were a good group to play with and great company. One of them was on 5 when 19 and has only started playing again in the last 6 months. hahahah found that out after the round which made sense of why he played some absolutely astounding shots from trouble to hit greens in regulation yet was on 26. As I am returning to the game after 20 years away we had an interesting chat after and I am glad that I never reached the level of handicap he did. It is frustrating for him ,hahah he made the comment that ‘Golf messes with his mind’ because he is still coming to grips with his current ability and capability in a round, but his memories still tell him what he should do and how to play during a round to a 5 hcp. Mind you I cannot see him still being in the twenties in a month’s time. The more balls hit during rounds alone without practise even, will soon see his handicap in the high teens.

For myself it will be a bit of dedicated driver practise this week and putting to tune up for the weekend. Stableford competition and I have gone out to 22.5 after the Sunday round which will have no effect as the new handicapping system will be in place and under that I drop to 19.3. Hit ‘em straight all

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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