Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - Training Video, injury restrictions

APril 1st. 2010. Behind in my practise this week the injury flare up in my lower back has taken a couple of days to improve. I could have had some hits with the driver but I would rather be a little underdone and fit than unable to play a round. As the video shows I can swing with the injury but my body is restricted and unable to follow through with shots. This causes a couple of problems, inaccurate off the tee and lose a bit of distance. Being able to compare my swing yesterday to December is a good reference point to see myself from. If you can video yourself it is well worth the effort, I have done it each 3 months since starting again and it is a great benefit. The accuracy loss is the biggest problem. Happy to play without using the driver though and use the #2 Hybrid which is a 16 degree club still get close to (off the tee) 200m but again accuracy is a bit of a problem. No where near as damaging as a ball hit off target with a driver though. A new putter turned up in the post today, nothing flash, a used Proline heat VII based on the Odessy White Hot 2 ball style. Putting is not a problem for me now, after some coaching which the club pro pointed out some technique improvements that have obviously benefited getting the shots in the hole. This has contributed to taking 3-4 strokes a round off my scores in the past month. I am starting to build up a selection of clubs that will all contribute to the set I eventually end up putting together for myself.

Video Link at ABC Contribute of Golf Swing corrected;

This shopping around to create a set of clubs so soon after starting again has surprised me a little. As optimistic as I am it has been quite a revelation and unexpected to have played this well since May 2009 and gone from 32 to 22 handicap. Very happy to have not gone out and purchased a top of the range set of clubs to begin with, looks like I was right (and lucky) in getting a serviceable new set for $195 at a Drummond’s clearance sale. It was a total spur of the moment decision and since being back in the game the technological advances and quality of clubs available has been astounding to choose from and absorb. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit ‘em straight all.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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